About us

The Melbourne Budokai (formerly the Melbourne Kendo Club) is a Japanese martial arts club that has existed for over thirty years (see 'Our History'). We are the largest Japanese budo club in Australia training in the arts of Kendo, Iaido, and Naginata.
We are a non-commercial/non-profit club that is owned and managed by our members.  

Since 1990, the home of our club is the Kenshikan Dojo which is located on the fringe of the Melbourne CBD, in West Melbourne.

The Melbourne Budokai has international recognition and is affiliated with:
Our Sensei:
  • Mr. Yoichi Yano, Kendo 7th Dan Kyoshi
  • Mr. Peter Szwarcbord, Kendo 7th Dan Renshi, Iaido 6th Dan, Jodo 2nd Dan
  • Mr. Takashi Itakura, Kendo 6th Dan Renshi
  • Ms. Claire Chan, Iaido 6th Dan, Kendo 4th Dan, Jodo 3rd Dan
  • Mr. Ryan Hikima, Kendo 5th Dan
  • Ms. Noriko Matsumoto, Kendo 5th Dan
Our Club's Executive & Committee Members:
  • President:        Reuben Barnett
  • Vice President: Stephen Flahavin
  • Secretary:        Paul Bserani
  • Treasurer:       Claire Chan
  • Membership:   Hannah Lee
  • Armourer:       Dennis Tjong
  • Committee:     Ellen Wong
  • Iaido Rep:       Peter Lee
  • Naginata Rep:  Stephen Flahavin




Melbourne Budokai & Kenshikan Dojo
91 Rosslyn Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003

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