Kenshikan Restoration Project

As caretakers of the Kenshikan Dojo, the Melbourne Budokai launched the ‘Kenshikan Restoration Project’ in early 2010 to address the urgent repairs needed to ensure the future use of the Kenshikan dojo. After twenty years of almost daily usage and extensive weather exposure, key parts of the Kenshikan facility had steadily deteriorated with the external roofing material and the dojo floor suffering the most damage.

Over the space of two years members of the Melbourne Budokai came together to secure financing, raise funds, and contribute time and effort to enable the Kenshikan to be restored. In 2010, Kenshikan's roof was repaired, and in late 2011 Kenshikan closed its doors for four weeks to have a completely new floor built under the supervision of a dojo floor specialist from Japan. 

The Kenshikan Trust and the Melbourne Budokai wish to thank the Australian Kendo Renmei, the Victorian Kendo Renmei, and all clubs and individuals around Victoria and Australia that generously donated funds to help make the restoration project possible. The Restoration Project has ensured the continuation of the Kenshikan legacy and has provided an even better and safer venue for the practice and development of Kendo, Iaido, Jodo and Naginata for all Australians into the future. 

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